oops, reference wrong

Glenn Morton (grmorton@mail.isource.net)
Thu, 18 Sep 1997 11:41:56 -0500

In my discussion of the pictures of supposed Precambrian pollen, I had the
reference wrong.

Here is the data with the proper reference

sample m pollen
Figure 1 clear light brown
Figure 2 clear light reddish-brown
Figure 3 dried pollen
Figure 4 clear
Figure 5 clear
Figure 6 spores
Figure 7 Clear
Figure 8 clear
Figure 9 Clear
Figure 10 Dark orange undefined
Figure 11 Dark brownish orageng spore
Figure 12 Black brown fungal spore
none of them are flattened.

sample p pollen
Figure 17 bright gree color specked iwth yellow opaque algae cell
Figure 18 opaque ?
Figure 19 grey orange clear could be pollen
Figure 20 grey opaque ?
Figure 21 Brownish-orange clear pollen
Figure 22 brownish tint, clear pinus
Figure 23 brownish almost colorless clear
Figure 24 Brownish color, clear
Figure 25 yellowish brown color cloudy pollen
Figure 26a pollen
Figure 32a golden brown color opaque "mystery to me!"

George F. Howe, "Creation Research Society Studies on Precambrian
Pollen: Part 1II--A Pollen Analysis of Hakatai Shale and Other Grand
Canyon Rocks," Creation Research Society Quarterly 24:4(March1988),
pp 173-182


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