Re: Natural Theology, Unguided Processes and Apologetics

Eduardo G. Moros (
Fri, 12 Sep 1997 10:19:21 -0500

Peter Vibert wrote:

> Paul quotes approvingly Terry who said:
> >"So when I say that God is intimately involved in the governing of the
> >universe, I mean just that. Intimately. I tell my students that God's
> >involvement in the conversion of water into hydrogen and oxygen in a
> >hydrolysis reaction is NO LESS than his involvement in the conversion of
> >water into wine at the wedding of Cana."
> >
> OK - I get the point about providence, concurrence, etc., but I get a
> little nervous here at the implication that this is "all God does" in
> relation to the created order. God may be NO LESS involved in hydrolysis
> than in turning water into wine in Cana, but surely it's a DIFFERENT kind
> of involvement?
> Peter

Certainly Peter, God is necessary for one and the other because He sustains
it all.