Re: pollen test of Flood geology

Arthur V. Chadwick (
Wed, 10 Sep 1997 11:42:06 -0700

At 11:58 AM 9/10/97 -0400, David wrote:

> Most of these lived (and live) in the oceans and are found
>worldwide in enormous numbers.

As a palynologist I would take issue with that premise....

>>> A flood cannot sort them out
>>>into a regular order, no matter what it does.
>>Again, you are making a big assumption that you can decide what could or
>>could not have hppened based on your own unpublished presuppositions about
>>what did or did not happen. I do not mean this as a criticism. We all
>>assume we can imagine what went on. But you are still kicking a straw man.
>True, I should have said that I cannot see how the geologic column can be
>explained by a single flood (or a series of events within a short period of
>time). However, the model is not entirely straw, as popular accounts of
>flood geology do make specific claims about how it happened.

But fortunately, popular accounts do not comprise scientific models.

I do not at all want to minimize the extent of the problems for a flood
model. Neither do I want to be saddled with the presuppositions of those
who have not attempted to build a scientific model for the process. These
"models" are paper shells as you know.