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Pattle Pun (
Tue, 9 Sep 1997 21:06:42 -0500 (CDT)

On Mon, 8 Sep 1997, Liew wrote:
> The family after Adam and Eve.
> 1. Was Adam and Eve,
> 1.1 if taken as non parable
> 1.2 but as true flesh only first human creations, (ie. father and
> mother of mankind)

Acts 17, Rom. 5 seem to suggest that.

> 1.3 who was cain and Abel's wife, their sisters ?

it seems to be the most logical conclusion in light of the scriptural
silence about the names of daughters or women unless they are significant
figures such as Eve, Miriam, or Sarah.
1.3.1 was
in-family marriage
moral > 1.3.2 how is that gentically sound, their childern will
> marry each other and their cousins.
> 1.3.3 curiously, in genelogies, the parents of Cain and Abel s'
> wife
> were not stated, was it understood or not relevent or
> someone else?

It was only stated in the Pentateuch that intra-familial marriage was
prohibited. It seems that as the human families proliferate, it was
imperative to God to lay down rules for blood relations. Before the
worsening of the fallen human society, mutations in human genome may be of
a relative minor nature such that inbleeding in human families did not
significantly increase the expressions of these mutations. After Noah's
flood and the tower of Babel, human conditions have worsened to such a
degree that God prohibited intra-familial marriage to prevent expression
of recessive genes.

> 1.4 How / Why did it later became necessary (moral requirement) not
> to take your close relative for marriage?
See above.

> 2. Similar discussion for Noal's family.
> NB. I have no doubts that incest is absolute sin.
It was prohibited in Genesis in the case of Lot and his daughters.
However, the Scripture was silent before this. In fact, Sarah was
Abraham's half sister.

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