Re: ASA News Releases (God-guided process looking purposeless)

Murphy (
Mon, 08 Sep 1997 12:56:10 -0400

Don N Page wrote:

> Thus it seems entirely possible that to any scientific observer,
> certain data could look purposeless and unguided, not because the scientist is
> blind to this data, but simply because it is not enough of the total picture
> for the purpose to be apparent. (Of course, it could be that the scientist is
> blind to other data that are available, such as historical evidence for the
> truth of Christianity.)

& if God's ultimate purpose for creation is to unite all things
in Christ (Eph.1:10), then any set of data which does not include
recognition of the Incarnation is insufficient! Of course this doesn't
mean that there are no subsidiary purposes. Science can discern final
causes (i.e., in one sense no one denies that eyes are for seeing) but
not a "last final cause".

George L. Murphy