Discussion for proposals wrt. Adam and Eve's Family.

Liew (aagezs@cyberway.com.sg)
Mon, 08 Sep 1997 22:35:41 +0800

What is the stand point of calvinist theology/
other general schools of thought wrt.

The family after Adam and Eve.

1. Was Adam and Eve,

1.1 if taken as non parable

1.2 but as true flesh only first human creations, (ie. father and
mother of mankind)

1.3 who was cain and Abel's wife, their sisters ?
1.3.1 was in-family marriage moral
1.3.2 how is that gentically sound, their childern will
marry each other and their cousins.
1.3.3 curiously, in genelogies, the parents of Cain and Abel s'
were not stated, was it understood or not relevent or
someone else?

1.4 How / Why did it later became necessary (moral requirement) not
to take your close relative for marriage?

2. Similar discussion for Noal's family.

NB. I have no doubts that incest is absolute sin.

The above is just topics for discussion not to be dependent
for faith or salvation.

Salvation is in keeping in line with laws and grace granted to us
for this age of the Holy Spirit not exactly according to laws
and grace and manners of life laid for Adam/Eve, Noal.