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Allen Roy (
Sun, 7 Sep 1997 20:44:35 -0700 (MST)

On Sun, 7 Sep 1997, Glenn Morton wrote:
> Top
> Boonton Fm (80 m thick) fish,leaves,pollen
> Hook Mountain Basalt

> Towaco Fm (120 m thick) Dinosaur footprints
> Preakness Basalt

> Feltville Fm (20 m thick) roots
> Orange Mountain Basalt

> Passaic Fm (15 m thick) roots

> Lockatong Fm (4 m thick) Dinosaur footprints

> Stockton Fm insects, arthropod burrows
> bottom
[parts snipped}
> I count 8 different levels at which footprints occur. Where exactly in the
> New Jersey area were the Dinosaurs hiding in between the waves? Why are
> there so many layers of roots? (The plants' tops are not found with them and
> them and the roots are in vertical position. Most of these roots are small
> so they can't be said to float root downward.

One possibility is that when the area became submerged, the Dinos
struggled in the waters until they again found footing as the waters
drained away leaving another mud flat. Were all of the roots vertical?
Where they occational single roots? Were they clumps of roots. It used
to be that vertical tree stumps were thought to be insitu trees. All the
vertically standing logs and stumps on the bottom of Spirit Lake by Mt.
Saint Hellens prove that wrong. 'Vertical' root may be no different.
I'm not going to sweat much about this one.

> Who is your authority that tsunami deposits will explain the geologic
> column? Cite a scientific journal please.

HA! HA! HA!, heheheh. That's rich!!! Would you really expect a
uniformitarian to stretch his mind so much as to envision such a thing?!!!
There has been a revolution in geology since the discovery of turbidites. I
have read that a large portion of strata has been reinterpreted as
turbidite sediments. I expect that as more catastrophist geologists look
again the the depoists we may see tsunami-like interpretation of strata.
Hehehe...from a uniformitarian scientific journal!!!!! Ha! Ha!

> I notice that you have yet to explain the details of the geologic column on
> my web page. I asked specifically for you to explain how the salt could be
> deposited in the middle of the flood in North Dakota. But it is also found
> in the middle of the geologic column in Michigan, New York, Kansas Europe
> and many other places. Also you haven't explained whether the pollen we
> discussed was flattened, what color it was etc. Let's talk about the issues
> you raised first before you change the subject rapidly.

I have downloaded your large web file and have begun making comments.
Rome wasn't built in a day. Sheesh.

The only ones who can tell you if the pollen was flattened or not were
the original researchers. Since one is a close personal friend of yours,
give him a call.

Allen Roy
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