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>This was found and posted to another email list. I think it would be
>interesting to read the rsponses to it on this list. I'm not certain
>where to find Collin's publication on Anthromophoric days.

If it was from the same list I got it on then you already seen my responses.
I have been having a protracted discussion with Mr. Jordan regarding Part I
(which I can send to anyone interested) of this article. I posted a
question regarding Rupert Sheldrake a week ago. This was the result of my
discussion with Jordan as he responded to me questions about how plant and
animals diversified after Creation and the Flood with "read Sheldrake"
which I now have.
Yes, I too would be interested in reading any responses to this article.


>Biblical Chronology
>Vol. 9, No. 9
>Copyright (c) James B. Jordan 1997
>September, 1997
> by James B. Jordan
> Dr. Collins begins his essay with a brief statement of the
>Day Age view and then a brief statement of the Six Day view,
>focussing on the challenge to that view posed by modern "sci-
>ence." He ends this discussion by writing: "Two crucial points
>are at stake here: first, the principles of Bible interpretation;
>and second, the validity of scientific method" (p. 111). With
>this statement we can heartily agree.
> Dr. Collins is not wrong to begin by mentioning modern
>science. It is a fact that before the modern era nobody in the
>history of the church ever questioned the chronology of the
>Bible, and only a tiny handful ever questioned that the six days
>of Genesis 1 were ordinary 24-hour-type days. The few who did
>question the six days of Genesis 1 held that God created all
>things instantaneously, not over some long period of time; and
>this was, again, because they accepted the Biblical chronology
>and calculated the age of the earth from it. It has only been
>since the rise of modern science, including archaeology, that
>anyone has questioned the Biblical chronology and the traditional
>interpretation of Genesis 1. Science, thus, puts a challenge
>before interpreters.

the rest chopped for brevity
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