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Murphy (
Sun, 07 Sep 1997 13:41:56 -0400 wrote:

> I am confused. I can agree that evolution might be a God-guided process. If
> that's the case, how then can it "look just like purposeless, unguided
> evolution to the scientific observer"? Is not this a contradiction? Will
> not the scientific observer eliminate your God-guided view by use of Ockham's
> razor, which cuts away useless or gratuitous ideas in explanation, and
> accepts the simplest hypothesis which can explain the data? Is not
> "God-guided evolution" a useless and gratuitous explanation in the eyes of
> the scientific observer, best to be cut away?
> I am open for suggestions on resolving my confusion.

Glenn's response was good. Briefly further -
1) Scientific and theological explanation aren't the same. We
understand scientifically how grain grows, but still (I hope) pray for
daily bread.
2) Is.45:15.

George L. Murphy