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>I am confused. I can agree that evolution might be a God-guided process. If
>that's the case, how then can it "look just like purposeless, unguided
>evolution to the scientific observer"? Is not this a contradiction? Will
>not the scientific observer eliminate your God-guided view by use of Ockham's
>razor, which cuts away useless or gratuitous ideas in explanation, and
>accepts the simplest hypothesis which can explain the data? Is not
>"God-guided evolution" a useless and gratuitous explanation in the eyes of
>the scientific observer, best to be cut away?
>I am open for suggestions on resolving my confusion.

Let me ask this which may explain why God guided evolution might look like
chance. The disciples cast lots to choose the man who was to replace Judas
(Acts 1:26.

What do you think the process looked like to those who threw the dice?

Was there a giant hand that turned the dice over to land a special way?

Was there a giant wind?

Did a bird swoop down and manipulate the dice?

No. It looked to the people observing this as an unguided, chance
controlled roll of the dice. Yet the disciples firmly believed that this was
God's will.


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