Re: news release policy

John Misasi (
Fri, 5 Sep 1997 11:05:44 -0400 (EDT)

> Because some subjects such as Darwinism have been historically fraught with
> confusion and controversy, I think that any official statements about such
> matters should be developed carefully by a group of ASA members who
> represent the best thought and spectrum of views in ASA. This is generally
> done by means of our peer-reviewed publications such as Perspectives and
> Teaching Science in a Climate of Controversy.

I totally agree.

>I think it may be the process, as much as the ideas themselves, that
>provides educational value. That is why we must be careful to be civil
>here. Content is wide open. Criticism should be restrained. In this way
>we can set an example.

Who are we an example to, if no one has any idea that we exist? That is
why we might need to make a press release or some sort of public
statement to the community we are trying to reach. If it is the the
general Christian population, then we are in the ministry of reconcilling
science to believers but if we are reaching out to scientists and the
general population who feel alienated by the church due to their
scientific beliefs we need to be visible as a group that allows open and
frank discussions on all theories and issues that pertain to science and

If the latter is the case we want to use then this news group and
Perspectives does not fulfill those duties. While the internet is popular
not many people in the general population are subscribed to this
newsgroup. In fact i found out about the ASA by random chance. Press
releases need to be used to make it known to groups like AAAS and the
popular press that a place like the ASA exists and works well. That is

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