Re: ASA News Releases

Robert L. Miller (
Thu, 4 Sep 1997 23:30:20 -0700

Dennis wrote in part:

>I have prepared a news release prompted by this event. (Our unresponsive
>school board needs to be awakened by media attention over much more than
>this.) ASA leadership has raised the question of doing news releases, and I
>might be taking that on as part of the Newsletter editing task.
Hooray! The ASA is finally going public! I have been praying for this for 35
years! We are really going to move out of our debating society mode and
engage the real world? We are really going to take seriously Jesus'
commission for us to be witnesses? Hooray! Go for it!

Oh sure. You will make mistakes. (You already have received quite a list.)
You will probably offend some. (Guaranteed.) But the bigger mistake is to be
cowed into silence because you have not reached perfect agreement with
everyone's opinion. I would worry less about sullying the reputation of the
ASA than what you are going to say to Jesus on that day when he asks you to
give an account of how you have conducted your life. Do what Jesus did. Tell
the truth in a compassionate way.

I know we have gone public before, Teaching Science in a Cloud . . . for
instance, but we do it so seldom that I got all excited. If you do it more
often you will learn how to write for a general audience and not to just the
highly educated. I encourage you to revise and publish. I will pray for you
in this regard.