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I'll delurk for a moment here to offer $.02 worth of musings: recently I've
been reading K.C. Wu's _The Chinese Heritage_, a history of the first
couple millennia of Chinese history, starting about 2700 BC. Among the
first written records concern the reign of the Emperor Yao, and his
co-Emperor Shun, who first organized the Chinese to battle a 'Great Flood.'
It struck me in this account that there was no mention of the waters of
the sea rising; that in fact the solution the Chinese found to the flood
was to dig more canals leading to the sea so that the rivers drained
faster. (I was also fascinated to learn that the ancient Chinese
worshipped one Almighty Lord of Heaven, but that's another story).

Has anyone ever proposed an asteroid impact in the ocean as the mechanism
for a global flood? A good-sized impact would presumably cover the earth
with clouds for several years, leading to vastly increased rainfall. In
view of the ambiguity of Genesis 7:20 (Hebrew word order is 'and the waters
rose 15(?) cubits, and covered the mountains' -- I believe there was an
article in PSCF about this some months ago) this would seem be the perfect
combination of 'global' and 'local' flood theories.

Perhaps this has already been proposed; if so, please let me know. I'm
fascinated by the whole issue, which is why I subscribe to this list :-)



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