"All"; Ark vs. U-Haul

David Campbell (bivalve@mailserv0.isis.unc.edu)
Thu, 4 Sep 1997 19:50:11 -0400

I'm no Greek or Hebrew expert, but I think the last time this issue
was raised, more knowledgeable folks said that in both languages, "all"
could mean "all kinds". Another NT example is "The love of money is the
root of all evil." Lust, for example, often does not involve money; also,
sin existed before currency. However, love of money can lead to all kinds
of sin (as can any other substitute for God).
As to why building an ark is needed instead of simply moving to
avoid a local flood, a couple of possibilities come to mind:
1. Building an ark depends on faith alone-making one on dry land seems
even sillier than the Italian shipbuilding company who got a contract,
built the boats, and then found they couldn't get the ships past a historic
bridge and out to sea. Moving seems more likely to be copied by the
2. The inhabited earth (or that portion facing judgement, given ambiguity
in "all") may have been somewhat isolated, making moving difficult. E.g.,
Glenn Morton's suggestion that Noah et al. lived on what is now the bottom
of the Mediterranean Ocean (It was cut off from other oceans and largely
dried up, followed by rapid refilling about 5 million years ago). An
island could similarly limit travel, especially if the ark was the first
boat (or if it used up the local supply of wood or reeds).