Re: ASA News Releases

Murphy (
Thu, 04 Sep 1997 13:36:30 -0400

Terry M. Gray wrote:
> Dennis,
> My only reaction is that I'm not so sure that I want ASA so tightly linked
> to the the Mike Behe/Phil Johnson/Intelligent Design agenda. What you've
> written is fine as your perspective-- but I have strong disagreements with
> Behe, Johnson, and even Wiester. As far as I'm aware the only stance that
> the ASA takes is that we would if we accept evolution, which some but not
> all do, we believe that it is a God-guided process. But even there, the
> God-guided process may look to the scientific observer no different from a
> purposeless, unguided process. This is where my disagreement with Behe and
> Johnson come in--and where your news release supports them. They seem to
> deny that God-guided evolution might look just like purposeless, unguided
> evolution to the scientific observer and that there are serious flaws in
> evolutionary theory. I and many in the ASA disagree with this.

Dennis - I agree completely with Terry on this. I think Johnson
_et al_ are leading ASA away from serious science-theology dialogue, and
would prefer not even to suggest that their views are aurhoritative for
the organization.

George L. Murphy