Re: ASA News Releases

Terry M. Gray (
Thu, 4 Sep 1997 10:11:25 -0600


My only reaction is that I'm not so sure that I want ASA so tightly linked
to the the Mike Behe/Phil Johnson/Intelligent Design agenda. What you've
written is fine as your perspective-- but I have strong disagreements with
Behe, Johnson, and even Wiester. As far as I'm aware the only stance that
the ASA takes is that we would if we accept evolution, which some but not
all do, we believe that it is a God-guided process. But even there, the
God-guided process may look to the scientific observer no different from a
purposeless, unguided process. This is where my disagreement with Behe and
Johnson come in--and where your news release supports them. They seem to
deny that God-guided evolution might look just like purposeless, unguided
evolution to the scientific observer and that there are serious flaws in
evolutionary theory. I and many in the ASA disagree with this.


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