Re: Flood deposits?

Bill Hamilton (
Thu, 4 Sep 1997 11:05:36 -0400

At 11:00 PM -0700 9/3/97, Allen Roy wrote:

>The notion of re-colonization is interpretation. Perhaps a tidal surge or
>tsnumai (one of thousands) swept across a shallow area and picked up a
>large load of rocks and soil and a bunch of molluscs, etc.. Then, when
>the wave lost energy, perhaps in a deeper area or when in collision with
>other waves, the water became saturated and quickly dumped its load.
>This way you don't have to speculate such sillyness as immobile animals
>scrambling upward to escape burial. And yet you can get them deposited at
>every level in the sedementary record.

I haven't looked at your flood scenario for a while, but let's acknowledge
that the event you describe above could indeed have moved molluscs,
brachyopods, gastropods and other relatively immobile species to a location
where survival was possible. What evidence would indicate that such an
event had indeed occurred? If you can't point to evidence that such events
occurred, they remain merely speculation.

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