Re: a simple test of Flood geology

Glenn Morton (
Thu, 04 Sep 1997 06:07:21 -0500

At 11:18 PM 9/3/97, Allen Roy wrote:

>It depends upon ones concept of the Flood. As I stated before, if one
>conceives of the Flood as a monumental, homogenous mess then it would be
>hard to find a means by which apparent sorting would occure. On the
>other had a catastrophe composed of thousands of events it may be
>possible to get pollens captured and deposited in apparent organization.


I bet you can't set up a flume experiment to accomplish this on a small or
large scale! Stokes law (which governs deposition) would predict that the
smaller particles would take longer to be deposited. Forams and pollen are
very small and if dropped into the ocean today would take 50 years to sink
to the ocean floor. In the presence of turbulence, it takes even longer.
thus the flood model, with its turbulence should predict the small
microfossils to be preferentially be deposited last. The prediction does
not meet expectations.


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