HFBR, Professional Ethics, accountability, & Christian convictions

JOSEPH CARSON (73530.2350@compuserve.com)
Wed, 3 Sep 1997 15:49:42 -0400

The attached is from today's newspaper. I'm now an influential voice in
the future of HFBR. Essentially, I think that mankind can't go back to a
pre-nuclear age, (science certainly can't) and that nuclear technology
demands both high ethics and high competency if worker safety, public
safety, and the environment are to receive their due. Without
accountability, how can high ethics or competency be achieved or

And if Christians in the engineering and scientific professions won't call
for their colleagues to be ethical, competent, and accountable, then,
frankly "shame on us."

The HFBR fiasco provides ASA, CES, EEN and other organizations whose
membership consists of Christians trained in a technical profession an
opportunity to impact public policy. I have a platform in the LI
community, in my professional community, in my faith community, and
"everyone knows my name" in the Department of Energy.

ASA has members who work at Brookhaven National Lab or who are physicts, or
who live on LI (or all three). ASA also has members who work for DOE at
other sites or who work with nuclear technology. I'm willing to caucus
with whomever wants to get involved and will set up a conference call for
that purpose. Please say a prayer as to how "we can give an answer for the
hope that is within us" in this situation.

Joe Carson, P.E.