Fw: William James

Dennis Feucht (dfeucht@toolcity.net)
Wed, 3 Sep 1997 21:24:56 -0400

John Burgeson wrote:

For some reason, those who are not Christians on this, and other LISTSERVs,
seem to believe that logical arguments carry the critical weight in
discussions of God.

They need to heed the words of William James, who once commented that
encounters with God
are transcendent, noetic and ineffable.

This reminds me of something Walter Thorson was saying at the ASA Annual
Meeting (or before, at his house in Sandpoint, ID), that the kind of God we
have come to know as Christians chooses not to relate to us by revelation
of his being (so that we have some possibility of "knowing" him as object
and thus controlling him), but instead through our obedience to him does
he make himself known to us. Walt says it more elegantly, and will probably
be doing so soon in papers he is writing.

Dennis Feucht