Michael K. Thompson (thompm@rpi.edu)
Wed, 03 Sep 1997 11:14:33 -0700

Here are some more funnies (all of which I am certain were made up)

Abdominal: legendary snowman
Anaerobic: unwilling to exercise
Anorexia: phobia of people of royal birth
Aqueous humor: joke about swimming
Band-Aid: musician's assistant
Bile duct: a waterfowl on an Egyptian river
Bradycardia: what Brady will do if you look underage
Bronchial: football team in Denver
Bulimia: the ability to tell endless tall tales
Candy striper: a person who paints peppermints
Citrate: charge for using a private bench
Coccus: where Iowans choose their presidential candidate
Coma: a punctuation mark
Cremation: used in coffee
Deviated septum: a septum w/strange cravings
Eustachian: "Gesundheit!"
Fester: quicker
Foreskin: between 3skin & 5skin
Genotype: what Eugene does at the office
Herbalists: followers of Herb
Hyphae: what the doctor charges
Hyphthalamus: large animal from Thalamus
Incisor: person who exercises indoors
Inpatient: where the lost scalpel can be found
Labor pains: getting hurt at work
Lactose: consequence of frostbite
Lumbar puncture: a hole in a 2 by 4
Microscope: smallest serving at an ice cream store
Neutrophil: Phil after that terrible accident
Olfactory: where they manufacture antiques
Operating room: space required to perform in a singles bar
Ova: finished, done with
Pap smear: to slander your father
Pathology: study of road maps
Platelet: what a small dessert is served on
Psychopath: the road nut taken
Rheumatic: storage area on the 3rd floor
Species: what you hear at political rallies
Subcutaneous: runner-up in a beauty contest
Urate: You're special!