A Glorious Accident question

Bill Struthers (U60376@UICVM.UIC.EDU)
Tue, 02 Sep 97 08:56:58 CDT

A few recent posts have refered to Rupert Sheldrake, and it reminded me ofa
question that I wanted to explore here. I was watching PBS this weekend and
saw the last chapter of (A) Glorious Accident. It was an interesting program
where Sheldrake, S.J. Gould, Daniel Dennet, Stephen Toulman, Oliver Sacks and
Freeman Dyson were all sitting around a dinner table discussing 'the meaning
of life' and consciousness issues. Has anyone seen this program or any other
installments from it? It seemed rather fascinating, from a biopsychologist's
perspective and was wondering what others who had seen it thought about it.

Just asking ;)

Bill Struthers
Doctoral Candidate
Psychology Department (M/C 285)
Biopsychology Division
University of Illinois at Chicago