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Joel Cannon (
Sat, 30 Aug 1997 12:05:33 -0600 (CDT)

Tamera asked:

> I am taking a class on the Bible from a state university. We are using the
> Harper Collins Study Bible, New Revised Standard Version with the
> Apocryphal/Deuterocanonical Books, "A New Annotated Edition by the Society
> of Biblical Literature". Does anyone here have any knowledge of this
> version of the Bible? I am mostly familiar with the N.I.V. version, and
> have never heard of this version before.

I have a friend and former colleague, teaching now at Ashland
Seminary, who is an old testament scholar, who thought the New Revised
Standard Version was the most reliable.

When the NIV came out I heard at least one person with theological
credentials say that they thought the NIV sometimes made passages
sound more orthodox than the original text warranted (an example that
I recall is Phil. 2.6 where most versions translate "in the form of
God" and the NIV says "being in very nature, God."

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