Re: Review of Johnson's book again

Glenn Morton (
Fri, 29 Aug 1997 23:02:57 -0500

At 10:08 AM 8/29/97, Allen Roy wrote:

>I concieve of the "Flood" as a global catastrophe composed of thousands of
>various events. At any one locality there could be very violent events
>followed by periods of stasis--inundation (sometimes violent, sometimes
>more calm), sedementation (sometimes fast, sometimes slow), exposure of
>sediment surfaces from time to time, erosional events (channeled or
>sheet), tsunami events, turbidite events, volcanic euptions, flows and
>ash deposition.
Allen, could you take a look at the essay on my web page, "Entire Geologic
Column in North Dakota" and explain in detail how what is in the column
could be accomplished by a global flood? I would like a detailed explanation
of each event.

thank you.

>About trace fossils. It is proposed that up to the peak of the Catastrophe
>animals and men were running here and there trying to escape destruction.
>It is possible to concieve them fleeing across exposed recently deposited
>'mud' flats leaving foot prints behind. Then the flats could then again
>be covered and deposits made (probably by a more quite type of event),
>which could then preserve the tracks. The conditions would have to be
>just right, but, none-the-less, possible.

How deep was the water? If it was deeper than 30 feet, nothing was "running
here and there" The water depth would prevent it.


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