RE: response to an antitheist on thermodynamics (fwd)

David Campbell (
Thu, 28 Aug 1997 19:56:58 -0400

>> [dp] How can you agree to my first statement that the 2nd Law
>>applies to all systems, yet then state that the 2nd Law has nothing direct
>>ot say with regard to the validity of the theory of evolution (from which
>>all systems are supposed to arise)? Is your keyboard hinged in the middle?
>> Are these kind of logical loopty-loops expected of everyone on this list?
Part of the problem here is that "dp" seems to have a very different idea
of "the theory of evolution" than most folks on this list. "I don't
believe in evolution" often is used to reject an old age for the universe;
ideas about the formation of the universe, galaxies, stars, etc.;
biological evolution beyond some level; or any line of evidence that may
support these or disprove the speaker's ideas. The second law of
thermodynamics has very little to say about biological evolution [i.e.,
genetic change in populations over time]. Because the sun is continually
supplying energy to the earth, most of which is radiated into space as heat
and thereby increasing the entropy of this part of the universe, a local
increase in order here on earth does not violate the general increase in
entropy stated in the 2nd law. Entropy increase provides some general
constraints, but few details.

David Campbell