Answering a question

John W. Burgeson (
Sun, 27 Jul 1997 19:02:36 -0400

Someone wrote:
>>Burgy, You wrote that a discussion on Behe's book has just sprung up on
the NTSE reflector.

Question: Can this be accessed periodically from the Web, with an URL,
without joining the NTSE list or downloading an archive -- as we can with
the evolution reflector? >>
What I do is subscribe to each reflector (LISTSERV) in which I am
interested using its "DIGEST" option. That way I get one (1) e-mail per day
containing all the posts of the past 24 hours, rather than a bunch of
individual posts singly. This helps in three ways:

1. Generally, I "see" posts in the order of their happening. Single
messages tend to "wander" over the internet and oft-times replies get to me
before their antecedents.

2. Often someone asks a question which I can answer. But then I note that
someone else has already answered it. So I don't have to give a second
(redundant) reply.

3. One message per day is psychologically easier to deal with than a whole
bunch. Less time to call up one and scroll through it than call up several,
read, discard, etc.

To answer your direct question -- yes, the NTSE does have archives. I don't
know if they are on the web or not. I know that subscribers can get them
via e-mail by sending the right mumbo-jumbo to the server. All that info
shows up when you do a subscribe.