Duplex cards?

Joseph Carson (73530.2350@CompuServe.COM)
24 Jul 97 23:02:35 EDT

Using a graphic has advantages, but if ASA has them produced, they could be
made duplex so that more info could be provided as both side of card could
be used.

Now let's talk about what should be on the card! I think the basics,
including web address(es) and maybe a faxback number for application and
additional info about ASA. I think ASA's Vision Statment (which I hope will
be developed at upcoming conference) should be there, I think there should
be something to make clear that ASA is inclusive of the three major
Christian traditions (Orthodox, Catholic, Reformed) in its statement of
faith, and something to make clear the broad way ASA defines "science" in
determining eligibility for membership.

I also think a generic testimonial would be helpful as in something like "ASA
membership for eligible Christians has been recommended by many leading
Christian figures, see website for list of their testimonials."

Of course, that would require ASA to seek their testimonials, a form of
"market research" or "stakeholder feedback" that I think ASA would profit
by significantly.

I hope the name and perhaps signature of the ASA Executive Director is
included too.

Joe Carson