CONFERENCE: Faith & Science, in Syracuse

Marvin McDonald (
Wed, 23 Jul 1997 16:08:59 -0700

I'm passing along this annoucement for yet another meeting in August, for those who might not already be scheduled! Too many good opportunities!

ReDiscovering Cosmos:
Science, Religion and the Search for Human Integrity

Thank You for your interest in ReDiscovering Cosmos. The planning committee believes
that this conference will be one of the most significant conferences of its type in this decade. A brochure is available and will be sent to you directly upon request. In the meantime, here is some preliminary information:

Conference date and Place: August 10-14, 1997 (rooms available from
August 9-15th.)
Hendricks Chapel, Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY 13244-1110

August 10, 1997, Sunday 6 PM -10 PM Registration , Welcome,
Announcements, Opening Reception
August 11, 1997, Monday "ReDiscovering Cosmos: Faith & Science in
Plenary Lecture: Phil Hefner, Chicago Center for Religion and Science
Plenary Lecture: Jack Haught, Georgetown University
Seminar Break-Out Workshops in afternoon, (including "Introduction
to Cosmology" (Carl Rosenzweig ) and "Introduction to Genetics"
(Kevin Powell)).
August 12, 1997, Tuesday "ReDiscovering Cosmos: Toward what end Does
the Cosmos proceed?
Plenary Lecture: Robert John Russell, Center for Theology and
Natural Science, Berkeley, CA
Plenary Lecture: Francisco Ayala, University of California, Irvine
Afternoon: Free Time to discover Syracuse, go on a Nature walk, see
a Finger Lake Winery, or listen to Astronaut Story Musgrave
(six-time shuttle astronaut) describe the universe

August 13, 1997, Wednesday "ReDiscovering Cosmos: Who owns our Genes?
What is Human?"
Plenary Lecture: Paula Gregory, Human Genome Project, National
Institutes of Health
Plenary Lecture: Adrienne Asch, Wellesley College
Seminar Break-Out Workshops (Including
Introduction to Neuroscience (Marvin McDonald)
Banquet with Speaker : Kitty Ferguson

August 14, Thursday "ReDiscovering Cosmos: What/Where is human?
personhood? Soul?
Plenary Lecture: Andrew Newberg, University of Pennsylvania
Plenary Lecture: Angela Hegerty, New York University

COSTS: (does not include scholarship and /or seminar stipends) .
Full Conference (includes opening reception, coffee breaks,
parking, and presentations) Postmarked by 7/10 After 7/10
Participant $100 $125
Spouse 75 100
Retired 75 100
Full Time Student 40 60
Daily Fees
Daily Participant $35 per day
Daily parking $ 5 per day

Residence Hall 8/10-8/14 inclusive, double occupancy
includes four breakfasts and two dinners and linens.
No air-conditioning or private baths are available. $150.00
Single Occupancy Supplement $ 40.00
Saturday Night Housing Supplement $ 23.00
Thursday Night Housing Supplement $ 23.00

Hotel roomss are also available. Contact us regarding availability.

There are also thirty workshops (with leaders from all over the
globe) and you will have the opportunity to go to four workshops (two Monday, two Wednesday) on
specific aspects of the intersection of faith science, and technology.


ReDiscovering Cosmos, Hendricks Chapel, Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY
13244-1110; e-mail us at; fax us at
315-443-4128 or phone us at 315-443-2439.

Sponsors include: Syracuse University (Hendricks Chapel, College of
Arts and Sciences, The Physics Department, and the L.C. Smitth College of Engineering); The Ecumenical Roundtable for Science, Tec
hnology and the Church; FASE (Faith And Science Exchange), Boston;
The John Templeton Foundation; The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS).

ReD iscovering Cosmos:
Science, Religion and the Search for Human Integrity


Peace, Marvin