McCarrick, Allan (
Tue, 22 Jul 1997 10:40 EST

Saw the movie last week and was entertained (but I'm easily
entertained). I appreciated the role of Foster's at several levels: a
strong female doing the science she loved, a positive father figure, her
costly honesty, and her ability to change (or at least open up). The
science part was a mixture of interesting and hookey (sp), but thats OK.

However, Sagan's hand was also there in several ways: violent
cement- headed Christians (the only kind), chameleon-like mysticism
(basically good), and contentless "religious" truth (the only kind).
Reread Scaeffer's "Escape From Reason" before you go.

I always must be reminded that Christianity is not just a set of
beliefs, but also is a relation (mystical) with the real God who is
there. That mystical part is real, but is beyond quantization.

Al McCarrick