Any publishers?

Glenn Morton (
Sun, 20 Jul 1997 21:05:40 -0500

This situation is hilarious. You will understand when you read this. This
is now try #8.

I have never had such trouble getting a meesage to a listserve. Somehow this
message keeps disappearing. Over the past 3 weeks I have tried 5 [now 7 ,
I sent it today, twice with no effect-grm] times to send a message similar
to this. It never makes it to the archive, and is never reflected to me. I
have sent it together with other mail that did make it to the archive and
back and alone. This one never seems to go. When I check with friends they
didn't get it either. Well here is another try. Maybe making the note
longer will help. If this gets out to anyone, please let me know.

Would anyone know of a publisher who might be willing to take a chance
publishing a book on the abilities and behavior of fossil man? I have a
book length manuscript which is almost ready. I don't want to spend a year
unsuccessfully searching for a publisher like I did last time, but if there
are some likely candiates I would be interested in pursuing them.

Obviously, the views would be similar to what I have been espousing for the
past 2 years.



Foundation, Fall and Flood