Thanks George, Paul, Glenn, Bill, Dick, Burgy and others

Gladwin Joseph (
Fri, 18 Jul 1997 12:46:44 -0700

Dear George and others,

I may have to read through George Murphy's response a few
times before i am able to digest it. Thank you for taking
the time to respond.

For the past few years that i have been priviledged to be
part of this listserv, I have been edified and nourished by
most of the discussions. Thumbs up to technology that allows
us to interact with each other even though we are
spatio-temporally dispersed and may never see each other
this side of Eternity.

Thanks to several of you who have been around the block for
sometime for sharing your valuable insights, vast knowledge
and wisdom with others of us who are relatively new.

Thanks for your patience with our questions. To me it has
been a blessing to be `discipled' in some ways by you in
the matters of the mind. I pray that as iron sharpens iron
so may this time of fruitful interaction sharpen and refine
us to be better servants and witnesses of the Lord Jesus
Christ in the vineyard that He chooses for us.

Have a peaceful and renewing weekend,