Population Control and the Bible

Alan Taylor (taylora@REGION.HALIFAX.NS.CA)
Thu, 17 Jul 1997 11:14:40 -0300

The recent repost by Daniel Young of a comment by Ragnar Overby is
very good. The idea that the correct carrying capacity of the Earth for
people may have been reached is significant.

It probably isn't the case with Mr. Overby, but I have an impression that
many environmentalists just don't like people en mass. They don't like
cities and they don't like crowds and they just wish that most of us
would go away. I think this bias clouds their thinking on population
matters (and on urban planning matters and other social issues). (Of
course I have my own bias in favour of people. But I hope that doesn't
mean I am totally against a proper stewardship of the Earth.)

Alan Taylor, P.Eng., Transportation Planner
Halifax Regional Municipality