Population control and the Bible

EEN - Daniel Young (DAN@ESA.MHS.CompuServe.COM)
17 Jul 97 09:33:46 EDT

Dear ASAers,

Here's another comment on population from EEN discussion group member
Ragnar Overby (ecomatic@erols.com), who owns an environmental
consulting firm.

Daniel Young, EEN


Dear Gladwin joseph,

re.:number of people.

It is not a question of standing room only! Nor of how to resolve
the difficulties re. how to measure how many people is too many,
that is: overtax natures carrying capacities.

There is a 'Biokind' on this planet and the idea that more and more
people can be accomodated by pushing other forms of 'bio' over the
edge, or greatly reduce their numbers, reflects nothing as much as a
flagrant ignorance of ecology and disrespect for the Creator.

It is true that humans were told to multiply and be fruitful and
'fill' the earth, but not until standing room only! It is necessary
that more people come to understand that - ecologically speaking -
they are not (and I repeat 'not') located physically primarely where
they are. When people move from the country and into cities, their
pressure on land largely remains in the country (their ecological
ghosts, so to speak). 'You are where your corn grows!'

'Where' what you use comes from, that is where you are,
ecologically, and this translates to mean that most 'empty' places in
this world are already occupied! They only and wrongly appear empty
when seen by the eyes of ecologically illiterate people, who continue
to see room for more people where there is apparent emptiness (as if
the whole earth ultimately could become one city!)

IF the earth is 'full' already, then humans have fulfilled the
Lord's 'marching order,' and people-number management would be
according to His will! It is for this reason that a measure of
'ecological fulness' is needed to let us know how full the Earth
actually is at any given time. Intuitively many 'knows' that 'the
full Earth point' for people was reached long ago, but their
natur-related intuitivity is declared unacceptable by others or -
seen as a call for more research. The extent to which anything wild
on this earth should be left wild, however, is not for research to
discover, any more than how much should be left under management.

It is a fact, nevertheless, that no matter how intensly we are
against abortion, it gets increasingy difficult to accept various
arguments for adding even more people to the several billions
already on this planet. A few more billions, we are told, is
unavoidabe (even as unavoidable growth is another statement for
cancer) but preventive efforts (excludes approximately all forms of
life terminations after conception) to diminish the juggernaut ahead
is certainly timely, to put it mildly!

If you are interested, I am willing to send you a paper which
formulates and proposes an ecological parameter for measurements of
fullness, and applies it to the world scene to dermine if
'overpopulation' is factual or not.

All the best, in Him


1 Cor.: 3.18

Daniel Young
Staff Associate
Evangelical Environmental Network