Population control and the Bible

EEN - Daniel Young (DAN@ESA.MHS.CompuServe.COM)
14 Jul 97 08:53:19 EDT

Gladwin, Dan et al.

Isn't "overpopulation" really a secondary problem/effect in
countries with high rates of the primary problems of political
instability, poverty, oppression and the affiliated anxieties of
people? It seems to me that if we attack those issues and in the
process raise the political freedom and the standard of living these
people can "afford" economically and emotionally to have fewer but
healthier children without such draconic measures as Chinas 1-child

In my own country, Germany, people had many children during war and
postwar years but the population growth rate (not counting
immigration!!) is almost zero today as the society has become rather
(too) affluent. Perhaps the US and Germany are going to the other
extreme - too rich and thus neglecting of the beauty of children and
community. Could this mean that more evenly distributed justice and
wealth and a less material culture all over the world would lead to
the right appreciation of children and a more "sustainable"
population growth rate?

St. Paul, MN

Daniel Young
Staff Associate
Evangelical Environmental Network