population control - and the Bible

Gladwin Joseph (josephg@ccmail.orst.edu)
Fri, 11 Jul 1997 00:06:53 -0700

Dear folk,


I am vexed with the issue of articulating a
Christian response to the population problem. I
know that humans as a biological species are subject to the
same laws of nature that govern the population trends
of other species, most probably similar to mammals at the
top of the food chain.

However, how is one to reconcile
the Biblical blessing of children, which may imply "many" to
the tyranny of the global agenda to control human
population. I use the word "tyranny" because such is the
pressure of such a global agenda that children are seen
more and more as an inconvenience and dispensable.

What is a Biblical (Christian) basis for restricting the
number of children one may choose to have?

If any of you know of good sources on the "Theology" of
human population growth I would love to have them.

I also find it hard to see how one estimates carrying
capacities for the human species. If one considers the
entirely relative nature of "the quality of life factor" I
am not sure how one can come to any meaningful estimate of a
carrying capacity for us humans.

Isn't economic justice and access to education far more
important in our battle as against poverty and
socio-economic injustice which are the really problems and
not people.

Isn't it the first step in dehumanization when we talk
in terms of "population" and not people?

I am all ears.....

Thanks for your attention.

gladwin joseph

PS: Is anyone coming to the American Society of Plant
Physiologits meeting in Vancouver during the first week of
August. I would like to get together if possible.

bye now