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A question and a few comments:

>You mentioned articles by Dick Fischer in ASAs *Perspectives on
Science and Christian Faith*. How can one get access to these articles?
Inserting an Adam into an already populated earth would certainly solve
the problem why Cain feared for his life after God had made him a
"marked man" (Gen. 4:15).

I tried to access Dick's web page at but had no success.
Have I missed something?


Chuck Vandergraaf

Chuck Vandergraaf
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>Subject: Re: Glenn
>Burgy wrote,
>"For anyone here who has not yet read Glenn's
>FOUNDATION, FALL and FLOOD, let me (again)
>recommend it. See his web site for details. It is a
>heck of a lot better reading than some books (I will
>not mention names) which get much more publicity."
>I have Glenn's book on my active book shelf. I refer to it often. Next to
>Glenn's book stands Dick Fischer's book entitled THE ORIGINS SOLUTION. I
>refer to it often as well. Especially Chapters 10, 11, and12. In these
>chapters Dick makes a compelling case for a historical Adam, created and
>"inserted" into an already populated world, and not the progenitor of the
>entire human race.
>I highly recommend the book and articles.
>Dick's web page is <>.
>Cheers in Christ,