Re: Glenn
Sat, 5 Jul 1997 06:22:27 -0400 (EDT)

Burgy wrote,

"For anyone here who has not yet read Glenn's
FOUNDATION, FALL and FLOOD, let me (again)
recommend it. See his web site for details. It is a
heck of a lot better reading than some books (I will
not mention names) which get much more publicity."

I have Glenn's book on my active book shelf. I refer to it often. Next to
Glenn's book stands Dick Fischer's book entitled THE ORIGINS SOLUTION. I
refer to it often as well. Especially Chapters 10, 11, and12. In these
chapters Dick makes a compelling case for a historical Adam, created and
"inserted" into an already populated world, and not the progenitor of the
entire human race.

Dick's views appear also appear in two articles in ASAs *Perspectives on
Science and Christian Faith*. The first is, "In Search of the Historical
Adam: Part 1" December, 1993. The second is, "In Search of the Historical
Adam: Part 2" March, 1994.

I highly recommend the book and articles.

Dick's web page is <>.

Cheers in Christ,