Bookstores in the Twin Cities

Sho Takagaki (
Wed, 25 Jun 1997 18:03:45 -0500 (CDT)


There are also plenty of second-hand bookstores
in Minneapolis/St Paul.

The ones I've been to include:

Dinkytown - there are two (Bookhouse, Cummings Books)
decent sized bookstores
with a fairly large section on theology
(tends to have more Catholic and Lutheran books,
but not exclusively so)

Stillwater(outside St Paul) - Loome Theological Booksellers
a large renovated church which is filled with old
books on theology. Stillwater has a lot of other
second-hand bookstores. It's a nice scenic town too.
(You can catch a bus out of Mpls-SP for a day.)

Uptown - they have been to one large store I forget the name.

Of the new-book stores:

Northwestern Bookstores - apart from HarMar, they also have
a warehouse bookstore at Spring St NE.
I think you can get some discount if you buy it there.

Otherwise, I hear rumors that there is a bookstore at Bethel College.
But I haven't been out that far...yet..

Happy book-hunting.


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