Re: Bookstores in the Twin Cities

Joel Peter Anderson (
Wed, 25 Jun 1997 14:38:39 -0500 (CDT)

> I am coming over to US for a holiday this summer,
> and will spend some days in Minneapolis.
> Is there anyone on this listserver living in
> Minneapolis or are well known in the city?

I live in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul.

> I am interested in whether there are any good
> christian and/or academic book stores there
> (or in St.Paul).

Several bookstores come to mind... the biggest chain of Christian
bookstores here in the Twin Cities has a good store at:

Northwestern Book Store-Har Mar.............(612) 631-2622
2200 Snelling Av N ROSEVILLE MN 55113-4220

This store is one among a number of Northwestern Books in the Twin Cities
area and has a wide range of materials which definitely include IVP books.
It is being expanded into a "superstore" this summer, so if you are lucky
you'll have a nice big store to shop in - even without that, it is a
pretty big place. In addition, the same mall houses a very large Barnes &
Nobles (secular) bookstore with a very wide selection from academic to

[I don't know whether they do international orders, but I'd note that
Barnes and Nobles handles orders over the Internet with a surprisingly
deep selection and good discounting. I recently picked up a Francis
Schaeffer book I'd been looking for from them, when I didn't find it at

I'd also recommend (in the same vicinity of Minnesota)

Luther Seminary Bookstore...................(612) 641-3440
1490 Fulham St ST PAUL MN 55108-1445

This is a very good source of religious materials, (I know - it is where I
got my M.Div.) although probably not with a good IVP selection. Maps for
the above addresses should be accessible from any number of the Web pages

joel anderson * 625-7389