Origins: creation/evolution in Sunday school

EEN - Daniel Young (DAN@ESA.MHS.CompuServe.COM)
16 Jun 97 18:50:02 EDT


My cousin sent me this request. Can anybody help me out? Thanks for
your assistance.

>Can you recommend a good book written by a Christian that argues in
>favor of evolution? My Sunday school class is doing an 8-week course
>on this, and although I'm reticent to share my thoughts (there are
>some young folks attending and I don't want to lead them astray over
>matters that I consider irrelevant to the faith), I'd like to
>balance the material with a different perspective. All of my reading
>in this area has been by Sagan and Leakey, both excellent and
>persuasive, but lacking a Christian perspective. Any ideas you might
>have would be great.

Daniel Young
Staff Associate
Evangelical Environmental Network