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Terry M. Gray (grayt@calvin.edu)
Fri, 13 Jun 1997 23:17:17 -0400 (EDT)

Don and everyone,

Apologies to everyone for the web site problem. About six weeks ago I
moved the web site from our old site
(http://www.calvin.edu/chemistry/ASA/index.html) to our new site on our
own web server, but still in Calvin's domain and physically located at
Calvin. That address is (http://asa.calvin.edu/ASA/index.html or just
http://asa.calvin.edu/ASA). For some reason unknown to me the automatic
redirect that we had implemented that worked fine until just 10 days ago
or so has stopped working.

If you use the new address http://asa.calvin.edu/ASA you should be able to
get to the ASA site.

Let me take this opportunity to make a couple of more announcements. The
ASA site is now being served by ASA's very own computer, a Power Mac
6500/225. Calvin College is still providing our internet access, but we
now have our host name, asa.calvin.edu.

Also, as some of you know, as of June 1 I am no longer at Calvin College.
I have taken a new position at Colorado State University in the Chemistry
Department as a Ph.D. staff "computer support scientist". However, I will
still be managing the ASA web server at Calvin via the internet.

A near future change that will make web access a bit easier: You can use
the address I gave you above OR you can use the much shorter address
http://asa.calvin.edu (It's not quite asa.org, but it's close enough
considering that asa.org is already taken).

Again sorry that some of our changes have caused confusion, but I think
that in the long run we will all agree that they are changes for the

Terry G.

P.S. You can still reach me at my old email address or at