Re: Darwin on Trial given to teachers

Dick Fischer (
Fri, 13 Jun 1997 17:11:01 -0500

Al McCarrick wrote:

>26 Jul 1996 issue of SCIENCE has an interesting article on Creationism.
>(page 420). On page 422, it was stated that Phil's book was purchased
>for and sent to every public high school teacher in Alabama ! Pro
>evolution groups (NCSE, NABT, PAW) then sent a mailing with a critical
>review (probably Stephen Jay Gould's found in Scientific American). I do
>not recall hearing about this, but thought it interesting. We have some
>disagreements with the book, but also some areas where it is strong.

Limburger cheese is also strong.

>At least DOT seems to get a listen in those circles where Morris and
Gish don't.

Is there a lamentation here? Maybe if we dump some ICR trash on them
they will appreciate anything out of the Christian camp that even sounds
like good sense? Is that your point?

Dick Fischer