Re: Old vs New Testament God

Richard Dimery (
Thu, 12 Jun 1997 22:10:25 +0100 (BST)

Too many people confuse love with kindness. That's not how it is with God.
You have to remember that (say, a parent's) love should also have
discipline and knowing what's best even though to the child it seems
wrong. God's love is the flipside of his justice. God doesn't have to let
anyone be saved. But he makes it a free offer to anyone who will accept. I
think that is pretty loving. I think sending his Son to die on the Cross
is pretty loving. If you want the story on Job, it's this: God knows what
he's doing, because he is _vast_ and powerful and Almighty. Sometimes
things happen we don't understand, but God is in control. Sometimes we
question God and ask why, that's natural, but sometimes our "why" just
doesn't get an answer... Maybe if God decided to explain to us some of the
things we claim an explanation for, we just wouldn't be able to grasp it.
But dont forget Job trusted God and God honoured and blessed and rewarded