RE: Old Testament vs New Testament God

Jim Taggart (
Tue, 10 Jun 1997 15:28:55 -0400

Scott wrote:
>What I do take issue with is the implication that God was somehow waiting for
>humans to "develop" to a point where they could understand Jesus' message.

The minister in my church suggests that perhaps Christ came when he did
because the world conditions were "right" for receiving his message:
1. There were distributed nuclei around the known world who could
understand the message in light of the Old Testament teachings [due to
the dispersion of the Jewish people]
2. The world was stable enough so that people could travel between
these distributed nuclei [due to Pax Romana] so that the word COULD
spread, and
3. Travel was easier than it ever had been [due to Roman engineering].

Christ came when he did because it was the first time in history that
his message could reach the _whole_ world.