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Paul Arveson (
Mon, 9 Jun 1997 12:27:14 -0500

> Interesting responses. One thing they suggest is -
> It's a mistake to start with the Old Testament. That is very
>important but for Christians is to be read in light of the New. For
>those who object to genocide &c in the OT it's dishonest to whitewash
>the holy war parts, rationalize them, &c. But they should be read as
>subsidiary to the story of God who is willing to die for everybody.
>People should read Phil.2 before Joshua.
> Similarly for creation: Begin with Jn.1 & Col.1 before Gen.1.
>(Even in the OT, Exodus should come first). YECs have done lots of harm
>by arguing for the foundational character of Genesis, but others
>contribute to this.
> I don't suggest that this is a a foolproof apologetic approach,
>but it avoids some pitfalls. It also has the advantage of being
>theologically sound.
>George L. Murphy

Has evangelicalism been becoming more Jewish lately in its approach to
There seems to be more emphasis on Bible study than on moral practice or
theological synthesis. There are more Bibles. There are more Bible
commentaries. There are even more big Bibles with lots of editorial
commentary wrapped around the text, in the style of the Talmud. There are
fewer separate publications of the New Testament.

Nowadays my preferred way of evangelism is to ask people, 'have you ever
read the
New Testament?'

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