Re: How many folks really care?

Murphy (
Sun, 08 Jun 1997 12:47:31 -0400

Glenn Morton wrote:

> Anyway, here are some people who cared when they were Christians about
> whether Genesis harmonized with Science or not. They decided that it
> didn't. This is the best case I can put before anyone as to why a
> harmonization is important. We are losing people to the faith. <massive snip>

Interesting responses. One thing they suggest is -
It's a mistake to start with the Old Testament. That is very
important but for Christians is to be read in light of the New. For
those who object to genocide &c in the OT it's dishonest to whitewash
the holy war parts, rationalize them, &c. But they should be read as
subsidiary to the story of God who is willing to die for everybody.
People should read Phil.2 before Joshua.
Similarly for creation: Begin with Jn.1 & Col.1 before Gen.1.
(Even in the OT, Exodus should come first). YECs have done lots of harm
by arguing for the foundational character of Genesis, but others
contribute to this.
I don't suggest that this is a a foolproof apologetic approach,
but it avoids some pitfalls. It also has the advantage of being
theologically sound.

George L. Murphy