truth and science

Paul Arveson (
Fri, 6 Jun 1997 10:15:46 -0500

>No doubt there are some verities in the ongoing discussion of truth on
>this listserv. But the statement "The atomic weight of Gold is 79" " is
>not one of them.. I was going to let that goof pass, but since it is now
>being incorporated into "truth" theory, it's time for a correction.
>The atomic _number_ of gold is 79. But the atomic "weight" (or, atomic
>_mass_, as we physicists call it) of a natural mixture of gold isotopes
>is 197.0.
>All that glitters is not truth.
>Don DeGraaf

Gold is not a 'natural mixture'; it has only one stable isotope, 197.

We continue to make approximations toward the truth....

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