Re: Cloning

David Campbell (
Thu, 5 Jun 1997 18:15:57 -0400

Mike Arnold quoted an article on cloning ethics proposals
>"The commission is not suggesting any bans or prohibitions with respect
>to experimental procedures with human embryos that don't result in a
>baby," said a panel member who spoke on condition of anonymity.
This wording could be used to allow anything as long as you kill it before
you can no longer deny it's a baby. I suspect the intent is a litle more
limited, but "cannot result in a baby" would be a much safer (and
restrictive) law.
The statement also suggests that experimenting on embryos is
perfectly acceptable, which is clearly not a point of general agreement.
It's closely connected to the question of abortion-in both cases, the
underlying question is "What is human?".

David Campbell