Re: "The Materialist Superstition"

Bill Hamilton (
Wed, 4 Jun 1997 12:57:57 -0400

At 9:37 AM -0500 6/4/97, Joel Duff wrote:
>>Joel Duff wrote:
>>> I just came by a recent article by George Gilder on "The Materialist
>>> Superstition."
George wrote
>> This is just bombast for whipping up the troops. It shows
>>little understanding of either quantum theory or Christian theology.
>Yes, I totally agree. That is why I said that I was not supporting the
>material myself. What is interesting is that I was pointed to this article
>by someone one another more "theologically" oriented list as if this was
>really "good stuff" to read. I thought it was another good example of
>non-scientists looking for anything they can in science to prop of their
>weak theology just as you said. I coppied it and put it in my now very
>large etc..laymen's use of science, folder.

I presume this is the same George Gilder who writes for Forbes and their
technology supplement, FYI. I call him "Mr. Bandwidth" because he writes a
lot about the web and the internet and generally says something like
"bandwidth is getting cheaper all the time, and that's going to solve all
our problems of computing, communicating and making information available
on the web." While some of what he writes is interesting, the hype and
superlatives and panaceas get a bit tiring.

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