"The Materialist Superstition"

Joel Duff (Virkotto@intrnet.net)
Tue, 3 Jun 1997 16:38:32 -0500

Anyone interested:

I just came by a recent article by George Gilder on "The Materialist
Superstition." This is apparently the text of a speach given to the Pope
in May. Toward the middle he talks about and quotes from Michael Behe.
Just thought someone might be interested in adding it to your collection.
I've quoted the last three paragraphs here to give you an idea of what the
paper is like. Note: I am in no way espousing the material myself.


The entire text can be found at:


"In the beginning was the word, the idea. By crashing into the inner
sanctums of the material world, into the microcosm, mankind overcame the
regnant superstitions of matter and regained contact with the primal powers
of mind and spirit. Those new powers have rendered obsolete all the
materialist fantasies of the past: the notion that by comprehending things,
one could understand thought, and that by controlling things, one could
rule the world. The quantum era is the epoch of free men and women scaling
the hierarchies of faith and truth seeking the sources of light.

In this unifying search is the secret of reconciliation of science
with religion. The quantum vision finds at the very foundations of the
firmament a cross of light. Combining a particle and a wave, it joins the
definite to the infinite, a point of mass to an eternal radiance.

What else would a Christian expect to find at the foundations of the
world. In this light, we can comprehend the paradox of the brain and the
mind, the temporal and the divine, flesh and the word, freedom and
fatality. By this light we can even find the truth. But we cannot see
through it. In science and technology, religion and economics, we can
triumph only by understanding that truth is a paradoxical and redemptive
cross at the heart of light and life, radiant in the microcosm and in the
world. And all Satan's powers cannot prevail against it. "